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All Because of You, I Believe in Angels (Chapter 4)
Title: All Because of You, I Believe in Angels (Chapter 4)
Characters/Pairings: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG
Genre: angst, romance, fantasy
Summary: Kyuhyun meets someone strange. Although, it turns out this stranger may have been around all of Kyuhyun's life.

cr. SeoKyulate2803 at Saphir |Graphic Shop|

Yeah, you said you felt the same,
But now who's to blame,
You threw it all away.
Yeah, you said you felt the same,
But then something changed,
You threw it all away.
~Blacklisted Me, “Reprobate Romance”

“I have to pee.” Kyuhyun mumbled, still fiddling with the edge of his blanket.

“Oh…” Sungmin flinched as the other broke the slightly tense silence. “Do you need help?”

“I think I can do it.” Kyuhyun said, pulling the blanket aside and swinging his legs over the bed. At the quick movement, Kyuhyun paused, trying to right his head.

“Are you alright?” Sungmin asked, stepping closer and resting a hand on his prospect’s shoulder.

Kyuhyun nodded, slowly trying to put weight on his legs. However, as soon as he let go of the bed, he felt himself collapsing. But sturdy hands wrapped around his waist, and he fell into Sungmin’s chest instead of the floor.

“It’s okay; I’ve got you.” Sungmin said as he hoisted Kyuhyun to lean on his shoulder. Kyuhyun tried to hide the uncontrolled smile that spread across his face when he felt Sungmin’s warm body supporting him. The smile widened when he felt Sungmin secure a firm hand around his waist. He tried to rid himself of his smile through the slow walk to the bathroom; however, it never quite went away. In the end, he found himself standing in front of the toilet, leaning against the wall in front of him, with an awkward, almost creepy smirk on his face.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Sungmin asked, side-eying Kyuhyun with curiosity. He was pretty sure he had never seen a face like that before.

“I-I’m fine. You can go; I think I can take it from here.” Kyuhyun said with a small chuckle, trying to hide just how giddy he had felt when the angel had held him.

Sungmin nodded before closing the door to give the younger some privacy. “Just yell if you need me.”

Kyuhyun hummed loudly, hoping the angel would leave the bedroom to give him more privacy, more time to think. He really needed to think.

He had been awake for about four hours now. Within those four hours, he had been told angels and God exist, that the very person informing him of this information was an angel, but not just any angel, his guardian angel. And it didn’t end there. No, Kyuhyun also found out that these angels look at their humans as prospects, that they are a match made in heaven.

Kyuhyun chuckled at that thought. Yes it was a saying, but it was never more fitting—a match made in heaven.

Kyuhyun’s smile fell as he stared into the toilet, not yet doing his business, too distracted by his thoughts.

He and Sungmin were a match made in heaven. Does this explain the feelings of comfort, joy, safety, and...excitement…he felt when Sungmin wrapped an arm around him to keep him steady? Was it simply because he was a heavenly being, made of perfection? Or was it something more?

Kyuhyun remembered how he had asked Sungmin if he loved him. He had tried to portray what he was truly asking the angel, but he was still unsure as to whether the elder knew exactly what he meant. Sungmin had seemed so innocent and happy as he nodded eagerly in response to Kyuhyun’s questions of love. Surely he hadn’t understood that Kyuhyun was asking if Sungmin loved him as something more than a loving mother protecting her child.

Or had he?

The thought made Kyuhyun smile instinctively. Although he quickly forced the smile away with a sigh as he slumped down on the closed toilet, tossing his head into his hands.

Why had that thought made Kyuhyun smile? It shouldn’t have. He had literally spoken with Sungmin for no more than four hours. Why the hell was he getting giddy over his touch and smiling at just the thought of the angel?

Maybe it was because he was just that: an angel. It was something new and exciting and mind-blowing all at once. It would make sense that he was having strange feelings. He sighed again, pulling lightly at his own hair out of frustration.

This couldn’t be love. It just couldn’t be.

He could admit that he liked the angel; Sungmin seemed like a nice person. He could even admit that the angel was gorgeous, stunning even; however, that is not nearly enough to claim love. Maybe infatuation.

Kyuhyun looked up from his hands finally, staring at the wall instead. Infatuation made sense! Sungmin was something new, something beautiful, and someone who was actually paying attention to him and not hurting him.

Kyuhyun stood up again, slowly, finally content with his thoughts enough to go to the bathroom. When he was finished stumbling around trying to wash his hands without falling, he made his way through the door. Sungmin was no longer in the bedroom, and Kyuhyun didn’t feel like screaming for the other to help him. Instead, he wobbled, slightly hunched over, all the way to his bed. He wanted to quickly climb in and bury himself into the blankets, again; however, something stopped him.

Contrasting starkly against the bed sheets sat a flawless, perfectly white feather.

Kyuhyun smiled without his knowledge, once again. He reached out and tentatively picked up the feather before sitting down and pulling the blankets over his legs. It must have fallen out while he was playing with Sungmin’s wing before, he thought as he twirled the feather in between his fingers carefully, trying to take in all that was the feather—a piece of his guardian angel. Kyuhyun ran the fingers of his other hand up and down the fluffy down feathers, humming at just how soft they felt against his skin.

Kyuhyun was appreciating the feather for what it was, when he heard footsteps coming close to his door. Out of some panic at the thought of the feather being taken away from him he thrusted the feather, none-too gracefully, under his pillow. As the footsteps grew louder, he felt something bubbling and rises from his stomach to his cheeks, warming his face up. The doorknob to the bedroom turned and Kyuhyun realized he was excited to see Sungmin.

“Who are you?” Kyuhyun said rather roughly as someone he had never seen before walked into his bedroom. The person didn’t respond, instead he took swift steps to Kyuhyun’s bed.

Kyuhyun tried to push himself closer to the headboard, trying to get away from the fast moving stranger. He had just been getting used to being taken care of and feeling safe; he wasn’t ready to get hurt so soon again.

Kyuhyun panted, kicking at the stranger. He looked to the door for a second, praying that he would see his guardian angel rushing in to save him. But instead, his hips were grabbed harshly and he was pulled off of the bed and to the floor. He screamed, but gasped once the stranger kneeled over him and grabbed his chin with an inhuman strength.

“Where’s Sungmin?” Kyuhyun said with anger in his voice.

“That doesn’t matter.” The stranger finally spoke.

Being this close to the stranger and being forced to face him, Kyuhyun was able to take in the look of the man. If he wasn’t scared out of his mind and being forcibly held to the ground, he would be amazed with how beautiful the man was before him. The man seemed tall and based on how strong his hold on Kyuhyun was, he also seemed very muscular and strong. In a way, he looked too perfect to be human, almost like he was…

“An angel?” Kyuhyun mumbled.

The man holding him smirked. “How’d you guess?”

Kyuhyun’s eyes widened and he began to fight again. “Get off of me! Who are you? Where’s Sungmin?”

The angel holding him laughed, tossing his head back, still holding Kyuhyun firmly against the floor.

“I didn’t realize you were such a panicky one.” The angel said, leaning down closer to Kyuhyun’s face. “Sungmin’s gone.”

Kyuhyun immediately stopped fighting and lay motionless, staring wide-eyed at the angel hovering over him.

The angel laughed again, leaning back and sitting on Kyuhyun’s thighs.

“W-What happened to him? What did you do to him?” Kyuhyun nearly whispered out, horrified at what the angel’s answer would be.

“I didn’t do anything to him.” The angel said, pushing Kyuhyun’s face from side to side, as if he was judging the human.

“Who are you?” Kyuhyun asked, not even fighting against the angel’s ministrations.

“My name is Siwon, but that’s all you need to know.”

“Why is this happening?” Kyuhyun had been getting used to having the angel around, his angel, Sungmin. He wanted Sungmin back; he wanted him to be near. Kyuhyun had never felt so at peace before, not even when he was alone in the clearing in the woods. In this moment, Kyuhyun realized how dependent he had immediately become on his Sungmin, the man who saved him, his guardian angel, his perfect match.

Maybe it was love?


Sungmin closed the door behind himself, leaving Kyuhyun alone to go to the bathroom. He was going to sit on the bed and wait for his prospect; however, for some strange reason, he was pulled to go to the kitchen. Even as he had his hand on the doorknob of the bedroom door to leave, he scrunched his eyes, wondering why he just needed to go to the kitchen.

Sungmin opened the door, but as soon as his foot passed the threshold, he was no longer in the apartment he had been renting.

Sungmin froze, looking around himself in surprise, knowing full well where he was, just not how or why he got there.

“What?” Sungmin nearly screamed turning around frantically. “Why am I here? Kyuhyun!”

He fell to his knees out of frustration; he had never seen heaven so empty. There were always angels everywhere one looked. Where Sungmin was, there was not a soul in sight. How had he ended up here? And was Kyuhyun still on Earth?

At the thought of his prospect, a pang shot through his chest. Khyuhyun. He was hurt and needed Sungmin there to help him! He suddenly felt a strong need to just be near Kyuhyun, whether he be helping him, talking with him, or just sitting near him. Sungmin got to his feet again—he needed to go back.

“Hello!” Sungmin screamed. In order to go to Earth, an angel needed explicit privilege from God, and it was only God himself who could send an angel to Earth. “Hello!”

“You are to stay, Sungmin, on Earth until your prospect is happy.” Sungmin nearly jumped at the voice from nowhere.

“How long?” Sungmin responded, knowing full well whom he was speaking to.

“However long it takes.” The voice boomed.

Sungmin looked to his feet. “You must know how long…”

“Sungmin, I can’t tell you that.”

“But if it’s for too long of a time, my w-“

“Wings must be taken away. Yes, I know.”

“For how long must I stay on Earth?” Sungmin asked, fiddling with his fingers out of nervousness now.

“However long it takes, Sungmin.”

Sungmin sighed, he had heard it is painful when an angel loses his wings. He had even heard the cries of fallen angels that had their wings taken away as they were banished from heaven. A shiver shot down his spine at the thought of the pain.

“You do not have to do it. This is your choice, Sungmin. You can go to Earth and remain there until your prospect finds pure happiness, for once. Or you can stay here and keep your wings. However, your prospect will not come to heaven. It is your choice, Sungmin.”

Sungmin stood horrified. In order to be with Kyuhyun, his prospect, the one he had loved with his entire being since he had been alive, he must lose his wings. He closed his eyes and dropped to his knees. With his eyes still closed, he bowed low until he was resting his forehead against his hands on the ground.

“I’m ready.” Sungmin whispered, scrunching his eyes shut tighter, preparing himself for whatever may come.


“You’re never going to see Sungmin, again, you know?” Siwon spoke evilly as he leaned closer to Kyuhyun’s face.

Kyuhyun tried to turn away, but the angel still had a good grip on his cheeks and forced him to face straight.

“He went back to heaven and left you. He couldn’t stand being around you anymore.” As the angel spoke, Kyuhyun swallowed thickly, trying to hide his tears, but failing. The thought that Sungmin, his guardian angel, left him—because of him—hurt more than he thought it would.

Siwon laughed, throwing his head back again. “And this is why he left. You’re so pathetic, you know.”

Kyuhyun looked to the side, anywhere but in the angel’s face. His own mother had always called him pathetic, but he had managed to convince himself it was because his mother was a sick woman, that he wasn’t truly pathetic. However, Sungmin, perfection made in heaven, thought he was pathetic. His angel, the one who had seemed to truly love him, thought he was pathetic. It was too much to handle now.

“If I kill you, do you think you will get into heaven?” Siwon asked, loosening his grip on Kyuhyun’s cheek just slightly.

“If I did, would I see Sungmin again?” Kyuhyun asked, not even addressing the thought of dying.

“Yes. He has no say in heaven; you would go to him. If you get into heaven, that is.”

“I have a chance of getting in, thought, right?” Kyuhyun asked, looking into the angel’s eyes, trying to read any lies.

“Everyone has a chance. How big of a chance depends on the person.” Siwon said. Kyuhyun found no lies.

“Do it.” Kyuhyun said firmly.

Siwon cocked his head. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want to be with Sungmin again.” Kyuhyun said. “If I need to die, then I will. I have nothing else here anyway.”

“Hmm…” Siwon hummed, nodding slightly, his face suddenly softening.

“Do it.”

“It will not be painless. You must know that before agreeing.”

Kyuhyun thought for just a moment. “Do it.”

Siwon nodded again, shifting to kneel over Kyuhyun.

“Close your eyes and hold your breath.” Siwon said, placing his hand over Kyuhyun’s face.

Kyuhyun took a few deep breaths, calming his nerves. The tears in his eyes spilled over as he clenched his eyes tight and took a deep breath.

to be continued…


a/n I’m so so so sorry this update took so long!! I sort of ran out of inspiration :/ but it’s back now!!
I’m thinking on more chapter.. probably longer than all the others.. but yeah :D
Anndddd POSSIBLE smut in the last chapter :) not super explicit (as of now anyway keke) it will be my first attempt at smut, and I’m nervous haha
Next chapter is already half written, so HOPEFULLY a quick update!!! Goodbye for now my lovelies :D

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I WAS TOTALLY NOT EXPECTING SIWON!! i was like yeah heechul!
N then SIWON!
wow .. this is just too good, so sweet how kyuhyun would just die for sungmin.
love this <33

hmm.. I feel it may make sense in the next chapter why it was Siwon and not Heechul.. or at least not Heechul haha

Ooooo~ im looking forward to it!!
* hAppy dances*

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